Window Tinting in New Jersey

Window Tinting in New Jersey with quality and professionalism is what Pro Tinting is willing to provide.

Window Tinting Commercial, window tinting residential, security window tint, automotive window tinting, decorative glass tint, energy saving window film protection, besides advertising in perforated vinyl, wrap for vehicles, carbon fiber installation details, paint protection, roof vinyl, tail and headlights smoke and more.

Pro Tinting is in business since 2002 and our goal is to provide quality window tinting service in New Jersey. With years in the market and special training for our crew of professionals, we developed a great way to hand cut the window film and successfully apply in any glass surface, automotive window tint, commercial window tint, residential window tint, security film installation, decorative window film besides, vehicle wrap or sunroof vinyl installation, advertising in perforated vinyl, head and tail light smoked, paint protection or clear bra to prevent unwanted rock marks or small paint damages in the front or rear bumper of a auto and much more.

Window Tinting options

We currently have for automotive window film, 3 different qualities in stock for different needs, standard window film, carbon window film and heat protection window film (a clear protection that blocks 92% of the heat and 99.9% of UV block), great for New Jersey law, since legally, the two front windows should have no shade.

We have a full range of quality products for Commercial Window Tinting, Residential Window Tinting, Security and Safety, and a lot more.

Call us today and speak with one of our representatives. We will be glad to explain to you all the benefits you get with Window Tinting. Our stores are mainly in New Jersey, however we are now attending New York areas. Contact us for more information.

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