Car Wraps Sticker

Car Wrapping NJ in recent years has experienced a wave of car wrapping. The effects can create a beautiful look, at first. But the result may not come out as expected and still provide rapid degradation over time. Compromising the vehicle’s original paint, if not count on a good material and an experienced professional for application .

To learn more about Car Wrapping NJ and eliminate the doubts, we detail some very important aspects to be considered when searching for installation service and application of the material.


The material used in Car Wrapping is PVC, also known as vinyl thin film, usually on the same color as the vehicle or, in some cases, with parts in different colors for aesthetic purposes.

The technique allows for an extended protection of paint against damage caused by sunlight, scratches and small hits. Moreover, the material is inexpensive and allows for the exchange with increasing frequency.

Before doing vehicle wrapping it is important to know that the adhesive more than 50% of the car. The color of the film should be the same as the original vehicle described in the documentation. If you use another color and is stopped at a roadblock or supervision, this detail can bring you a headache!

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The way of enveloping with PVC vinyl is the most currently used. It is made of a more affordable sticker that receives a preparation on the outside to increase the protection of vehicle paint. There is also an adhesive, totally transparent, composed of polyurethane which gives high strength increasing the protection of the bodywork of the vehicle from scratches and small dents.

You can install automotive wraps at the front hood, at the roof, trunk door, or any other surface desired.


For professional application use the technique with a spatula sticking by steps and scraping carefully to ensure that no bubbles form. Very common in the misapplication this kind of enveloping.

In the liquid space enveloping the application of ink is carried out uniformly over the entire vehicle. When drying, this ink becomes a film. This type of enveloping eliminates the risk of bubbles.

Before starting the process, it is indicated that the vehicle is washed. However, it is important that the wash is without finishing with wax because it contains silicon in the composition, which impairs adherence.


Just like any other car customization, Car Wrapping requires professional installation. In New Jersey we do car wrapping installation for private cars and commercial vehicles.

Some wraps are designed for specific applications like paint protection wrap, clear-bra wrap and decorative car wrapping among others. Wrapping a car can leave the car with a more personalized style. Also protect the paint against time fading, but care must be taken that the effect generated by the film is not lost.

Most adhesives, good quality, has a lifetime estimated by the manufacturers of seven, when the exchange should occur. Otherwise, you may lose all warranty protection and appearance provided by the film. Even before reaching the warranty time may be needed minor repairs, which should be carried out in the establishment where the application was made.

If the process is carried out only in a part of the vehicle, the color of the bodywork that was exposed may change. This difference will be perceived by the withdrawal of the film. A simple tip is to use wax with sun protection, if there is no other form of protection.

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