Window Tinting Security

Window Tinting Security is a film that holds glass together if any impact occur. For example, it protect your home windows from breaking in an event of an earthquake or an accident. It protects you and your family by significantly reducing the chance of injury due to flying or falling glass.


These are some of the benefits you get when install Window Tinting Security film to your windows or glass door.

    • Accidental Injury Protection.
    • Anti-Intrusion.
    • Explosion Protection.
    • Improved Safety.


Like an invisible shield, security window tinting film offers extra protection from broken glass when accidents occur. When ordinary unprotected glass breaks, it poses considerable danger.

The shattered glass pieces become daggers that can cause serious injury or even death. We carry top quality security glass films with powerful adhesives for extra protection. That is to say, it reduces the hazard of broken glass by keeping the pieces together and safely attached to the film.


Windows and doors are the most vulnerable parts of your home and business; they are points of entry for criminals and smash-and-grab thieves. When windows with security film are broken, glass remains intact, preventing “smash and grab” thieves from gaining entrance.

Glass is an inviting target for vandal’s intent on mischief or worse. Alarms and security systems are helpful, but provide little protection from experienced or determined intruders.

With window security film, intruders cannot penetrate the glass, even by striking it with a heavy implement. Usually they become discouraged and quickly depart for some easier target.


Bombs, industrial explosions and terrorist attacks – in an instant, an explosion can fire broken glass fragments at lethal speeds. Meanwhile, research conducted after explosions points to flying and broken glass as one of the main causes of death or injury.

While nothing can completely protect against powerful explosions, Window Tinting Security film has proven its effectiveness in these moments of extreme danger.

We carry a full range window tinting film for all purposes.

  • Residential.
  • Commercial.
  • Automotive.
  • Law Enforcement.

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