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Do I have to wash my vehicle before coming to my appointment?2021-11-16T16:11:57-03:00

No. Window tinting installers will properly clean and prepare all windows for window film installation.

What is limo tint?2021-11-16T16:11:38-03:00


What is factory tint?2021-11-16T16:11:17-03:00


What is chrome delete?2021-11-16T16:11:07-03:00

Chrome delete is vinyl wrap applied to hide/delete chrome parts of any vehicle.

Do warranty cover material upgrade?2021-11-16T16:10:35-03:00

Warranty does not cover material upgrade or percentage change.

What is the warranty for Carbon and Ceramic films?2021-11-16T16:10:21-03:00

Life-time warranty for bubbles, peeling, fading and if the film over time looks cloudy and/or hazy.

What is the warranty for Standard film?2021-11-16T16:09:53-03:00

1 year of warranty for bubbles and peeling only.

What is dot matrix?2021-11-16T16:09:43-03:00

Dot matrix is an uneven surface and film may appear white or distorted in these areas.

What is the warranty for chrome delete and vinyl?2021-11-16T16:09:21-03:00

1 year of warranty for bubbles and peeling only. Exceptions may apply.

What is the warranty for tail light and head light tinting?2021-11-16T16:09:05-03:00

1 year of warranty for bubbles and peeling only. Exceptions may apply.

What is the warranty for PPF and full vehicle wraps?2021-11-16T16:08:49-03:00

3 years of warranty for hood and roof, and 5 years of warranty for other parts. Exceptions may apply.

Can I bring my own material?2021-11-16T16:08:31-03:00

Yes. However, warranty is voided when customers provides own material.

What is the refund policy?2021-11-16T16:08:07-03:00

Refunds will be issued in the form of store credit. Exceptions may apply.

What is the warranty policy?2021-11-16T16:07:57-03:00
  1. Warranty service is free from Monday to Wednesday only, from Thursday to Sunday material payment is required while labor is free.
  2. Warranty only covers manufacturing defects or issues with installation: Bubbles, peeling, fading, and if the film over time looks cloudy or hazy. Warranty does not cover damage inflicted by customers: Scratches, chips, etc.
  3. Warranty is invalid if film or material is removed from vehicle.
Do warranty services require appointment?2021-11-16T16:07:24-03:00

Yes. Please call 973-991-7110 to schedule.

What are the recommendations for wrap post care?2021-11-16T16:07:08-03:00

It is highly recommended to remove insect or other stains as soon as possible, as it can damage the material.

Why do my tints I have imperfections right after application?2021-11-16T16:06:37-03:00

Imperfections right after application of the material is completely common. Material may have bubbles, water pockets, look cloudy and/or contain light surface scratches and swirl marks that will self-heal over a period of time.

Can I leave my car overnight?2021-11-16T16:06:20-03:00

Yes. For all vehicles left overnight a $40 fee will be charged.

Can front windshield with smalls crack and/or chips get tinted?2021-11-16T16:05:43-03:00

Pro Window Tinting recommends damaged windshields to be replaced before getting the glass tinted. Since tinting a damaged windshield can cause the damage to expand or the windshield itself to break.

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