Clear Bra Installer Paint Protection Films

When looking for Clear Bra installer also often called Paint Protection Film in New Jersey, Pro Tinting offers smart solutions to diverse applications. We offer High Quality Clear Films that are specially designed to protect and prevent paint from chipping and damage.

We offer Paint Protection Films that are made to last. Therefore, our paint protection films are manufactured using advanced technologies to provide superior quality and performance results with long lasting durability and maximum protection to your investments. Clear Bra is made of a super glossy or matte 8mil urethane film that can be applied to your vehicle painting areas including front bumper, lights, hood, mirrors, and any other open areas subject to road hazard.

Paint Protection Film

Pro-Tinting has been over 15 years providing products and services for automotive customization. Our many years of experience making customers happy, makes us the New Jersey Top Rated Clear Bra installer. So you can be sure that no matter what car you have it will look flawless. Moreover, our company have the highest recommendation rate for clear bra installation and auto customization services in NJ.


  • Protect Paint from chipping.
  • Maintain car paint and headlights looking brand new.
  • Prevent Windshield from cracking or chip.
  • Protect Paint from sun burn.
  • Protect your investments.

We also offer Security Films for commercial, residential, and auto. These films are specially designed to prevent glass from shattering. It is the best solution to prevent intrusion and unwelcome break-ins.

Pro-Tinting is known for providing high quality products and professional installation with competitive prices. In conclusion, contact us today to schedule your visit to any of our stores in New Jersey.