New Jersey Commercial Tinting

New Jersey Commercial Tinting products and professional installation provided by Pro-Tinting. We are the number #1 window tint and glass treatment shop attending New Jersey home owners and businesses.

Commercial Tinting in New Jersey can help you reduce your monthly energy bill.


  • Lower Monthly Utility Bill.
  • Reduce the need to using AC and Heater.
  • Preserve furniture and upholstery from fading.
  • Block UV Rays.
  • Improved Safety.

At Pro-Tinting we carry a huge inventory of the best branded window film products available on the market. We are attending all businesses owners, building owners, front store owners, etc.

We are the number #1 source for window tinting products and services, we offer window tinting films that are designed to improve security, block UV rays, balance room temperature and also improve aesthetics.


  • Improve the look of your store front.
  • Prevent break-ins.
  • Add Privacy to conference rooms.
  • Reduce the use of A/C and heater.
  • Increase comfort inside your office.
  • Reduce Glare and eye strain.

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We have been serving New Jersey and New York surrounding areas for over 15 years.

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