Heat Protection Film

When looking for heat protection film for your home, business, and your vehicle, window tinting offers great results to help control heat and block Sun UV Rays.

A lot people are concerning about how sun UV Rays can affect the human skin. For over the years more and more people are using heat protection film for the skin, the same applies to your car, home or business. Its important to remember that even when you are inside, you are still exposed to UV Rays.

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At Pro-Tinting we offer quality heat protection films for diverse applications. You can have this type of window tinting film installed at your car, your home, your business, your building, boat, church, and any glass surface.


  • These are just a few examples of how you can benefit when heat protection film is installed at your place.
    • Block UV Rays.
    • Maintain Internal Room Temperature.
    • Reduce the use of A/C and Heater.
    • Reduce Monthly Energy Bill.
    • Protect Upholstery and Furniture from fading.

    Whether you are looking for heat protection film for your home or business, contact Pro-Tinting today and receive your Free Quote! Prepare yourself for the summer, get your heat protection film film and enjoy.

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