Window Tint Residential

Avoid the UV Rays on your body as well as on your home furniture by adding window tint residential film.


Window Tint Residential keeps the person safe and protected from the incoming sunlight’s UV Rays. In addition to this, the window tint films made for residential applications can help improving the security from flying stones. Also  it can stop unwelcome break-ins or burglars view inside your home. Window tinting in a home is the best solution when concerning about the safety and security of your house.

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When talking about window tint for homes, there are many ways to take advantage of its technology and features that each window film can provide, find below a list of application you can use window tint film:

  • Improve Privacy.
  • Block Heat and keep internal temperature stable.
  • Reduce the use of A/C and Heater – Lower your monthly energy bill.
  • Block Harmful UV Rays.
  • Improve Comfort inside the house.
  • Improve Security – Stop unwelcome break-ins and burglars.


There are many window tinting companies which provides good style as well as the perfect solutions for the window tint needs. Some of these companies which provides window tint films make the film by laminating various sheets on each other hence ensuring good quality for good results.

The multilayered laminated window tints are so much more useful that the burglars will think twice before they try to see it through it. Pro-Tinting provides everything you need to get your Window Tint Film installed.

Contact Pro-Tinting today, we can help you choose the proper window tinting film based on your needs. From safety, security, privacy, cooling and of course the decorative appearance.

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