Panoramic Roof Wrap

Panoramic Roof Wrap, often called gloss black Panoramic Roof Wrapping is a method used to enhance and the aesthetics of a vehicle by applying a Gloss Black Vinyl Wrap on the roof of the vehicle. That is to say, when you install gloss black vinyl on the roof of the car, it makes the car appearance looks like it has a original black panoramic roof installed.

Roof Wrapping automotive is becoming more popular when talking about car customizations and auto roof wraps. A lot times when people are searching for car customizations, anything you can do to get that extra good looking car, people will do in order to get. Therefore, people have been talking how the car looks with Black Roof Wrapping applied. You can have Wraps or Black Panoramic Roof applied to any car.

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Black roof wrap is a very strong wrap film that is specially designed to wrap the roof of vehicles. It provides strong resistance to high heat and water infiltration. Roof wraps provide a super high gloss that creates a mirror effect and it produces a panoramic image on top of any car roof.

Automotive Wraps can be applied to any hard smooth surface such as roof, front hood, rear trunk, spoiler, lips, side pillar bars, rims, side mirrors, door handles, windshield, car interior trim.


  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Air Egress Technology. Dry Application. N0 Water Needed!
  • Lay-flat, bubble free installation.
  • Dry Application. No messy water/soap solution needed!
  • Can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched.
  • Can be easily removed without leaving traces or damage.
  • Stretchable with heat.
  • Conform contours and bend easily.
  • High temperature and water resistant.
  • Install Temp: 60F to 80F (16C to 26C).
  • End Use Temp: -4F to 206F (-15C to 97C).
  • Can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Stands up against water, dirt, grease, salt, mild acids and oil.
  • Long life with excellent UV durability: Up to 5yr outdoor/unlimited indoor.
  • Super high glossy finish.
  • Design for auto wrapping, 6 mil (.006″ thick film).

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  • Unique Design.
  • Paint Protection.
  • Amazing Look.
  • Match Car colors and customizations.


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